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Another Email Scam Targets CPAs

Hackers are Posing as New Clients

The IRS announced the discovery of a new email scam targeted at CPA firms.  

Hackers send an initial email posing as a prospective client interested in hiring the CPA firm for tax and accounting services.  If the CPA responds, the hacker replies with an email containing an embedded web address, or an attachment containing an embedded web address, which the hacker uses to obtain email addresses and passwords from the CPA.  We received one of those emails this morning and did not respond.

As a result of this latest scam, we have instituted two enhancements to our security protocols.  

First, we are changing our email service to accept Plain Text Only emails, which will strip all graphics and embedded links from emails you might send us.  This may impact some of the information you send us, so we seek your indulgence as we remain vigilant about protecting your personal information.

Second, we will no longer respond to unsolicited emails seeking tax and accounting services.  While we certainly appreciate your referrals and want to sign up new clients, we ask that they contact us by telephone, or use the Contact Us portion of website to submit an inquiry.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Read IRS Announcement About New Email Scam

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