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IRS Announces Post-Shutdown Refund Dates

The IRS announced their systems are ready to accept electronically filed tax returns.

They also announced tax refunds will start going out as soon as the first week of February, and that 9 out of 10 will be issued within 21 days of receiving the E-filed tax return.

By law, refunds fully or partially based on the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit cannot be issued any sooner than February 15th and more likely will not show up until closer to the end of February.

The IRS updates the Where's My Refund? site on a daily basis. This is a great place to look up the status of your refund:

Where's My Refund

Last year the IRS launched a new feature for taxpayers to access and view their tax account. At this site, taxpayers can view payoff amounts, a 24-month payment history and other key information from their tax return. You can set up your account by going to:

View My Account

Of course, we're here to answer your questions, too!

Our team is ready and eager to tackle your 2018 tax filings when you are.

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