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Don't Be Fooled By Scam Calls

Nearly everyone has received one of those IRS scam calls (or knows someone who has).

A real person or a computer voice says you owe money and that a warrant has already been issued for your arrest. We even had someone show up in our office earlier this year because the caller said police had already been dispatched to her home (yes, they knew her address).

These calls have been going on for several years and continue unabated for one very good reason:


As long as listeners continue to send money or share personal financial information, these calls are going to continue, get more creative and become more aggressive. Now we hear that clients are getting calls posing as "officers" with the Social Security Administration, among other government agencies.

To combat this fraud, the IRS has rolled out new tools to protect you and your hard-earned money.

IRS Creates the "View Your Account" Portal Recently, the IRS created a "View Your Account" feature on their website. Individual taxpayers can use this tool to verify a payoff amount for any tax year for which they still owe, as well as verify payments made in the previous 18 months. In addition, taxpayers can initiate an electronic payment and download a transcript for previous years.

The registration process for an online account takes about 10 minutes, and you can start the process at the following link: IRS - View Your Account

With this link, you easily view your account and gain the confidence the call is a scam.

Advise and Disrupt

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) rolled out a program in 2017 called "Advise and Disrupt". This was in response to a report in late 2016 from TIGTA that more than 9,000 victims had paid more than $49 million to telephone scammers posing as IRS agents during 2016.

TIGTA has established an online hotline for you furnish the phone number of the scammer:  TIGTA Hotline

Using your information, TIGTA uses an automated process where it calls the number and advises the scammer they are conducting a criminal activity. To date, this process has shut down more than 1,300 telephone numbers used by scammers. That may not sound like much, but is an opportunity for you, the IRS and TIGTA to start fighting back.

The Best Defense

By far, the best defense against scammers is simple - HANG UP!

If they leave a message - DELETE IT!

We cannot overemphasize the point that the IRS and government agencies never, never, never initiate contact by phone. If you owe back taxes, you would know it long before someone calls you on the phone.

You now have a couple tools to be in the know and to fight back.

If unsure, you can always give us a call.

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