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Colorado Fails to Simplify Sales Taxes

The US Supreme Court ruling in the South Dakota v Wayfair, Inc. in July 2018 has caused chaos in the management of Sales Tax. The decision overturned more than 50 years of case law governing how and when retailers are required to collect sales taxes.

States throughout the country are capitalizing on the ruling to modify their Nexus rules governing the assessment and collection of sales tax. Only 7 states have not modified their sales tax rules in the wake of the SCOTUS decision.

Colorado had announced dramatic changes that go into effect December 1, 2018, but issued a 6-month moratorium to allow the Legislature to come up with a solution, which it largely did not do.

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Don't Be Fooled By Scam Calls

Nearly everyone has received one of those IRS scam calls (or knows someone who has).

A real person or a computer voice says you owe money and that a warrant has already been issued for your arrest. We even had someone show up in our office earlier this year because the caller said police had already been dispatched to her home (yes, they knew her address).

These calls have been going on for several years and continue unabated for one very good reason:


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