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QuickBooks FAQS

QUESTION 1: Why should I use QuickBooks for my companyʼs books?

  • easy to use
  • used throughout the country
  • good value for what many businesses need
  • handles a wide variety of accounting functions
  • easier to maintain than worksheets
  • provides useful business reporting
  • good for everything from small start-ups to large multi-million dollar companies

QUESTION 2: How do I choose which version of QuickBooks to use for my company?

  1. QB versions include Pro, Premier, Enterprise, POS and QBO (Online)
  2. it depends on the functions it needs to serve for your business
  3. it depends on the type of business (i.e. wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer, etc.), number of users and inventory complexity
  4. purchase a current version, as three years is the maximum time to hold the software

QUESTION 3: To maintain my inventory, which QuickBooks software should I use?

  • It depends on the complexity of your inventory needs and the number of users
  • QB can be used for maintaining inventory, depending on the type of business, number of users and inventory complexity.
  • For large wholesalers and manufacturers, Enterprise may be better suited for maintaining large inventories, for more reporting and for a higher number of users.

QUESTION 4: What does it cost to purchase QuickBooks?

  1. Most companies retail the software starting at $249.95 up to $8,800 for the more sophisticated Enterprise version.
  2. With the special Diamond Prices Teresa Mueller receives, she can order the software for you at a significant discount.

QUESTION 5: Can I use QuickBooks to do my own books?

  1. You certainly can! QuickBooks is an inexpensive, easy-to-learn, popular software package. The software is also easy to mess up without training, if data is not entered in the right order, and many users suffer from GIGO (garbage in, garbage out).
  2. You can do it yourself, but not all by yourself, if you want some assistance from us. We don’t charge for quick phone calls to ask a question and can walk you through how to record almost any transaction.
  3. Clients who do their own books can hire Mueller and Associates, CPA to check their books periodically just to ensure everything is being entered properly and to have an objective third party look at their numbers and verify them.

QUESTION 6: When should I start with QuickBooks?

  • You should start as soon as you set up your company as a business entity. This ensures that you’ve included all your start-up costs (including those you’ve paid personally or that the company owner has paid).

QUESTION 7: My books are a mess. Can you fix them? Or should I start over with a new QuickBooks account?

  • Let Teresa Mueller take a look at what you already have before determining that. You don’t want to input a lot of data all over again if it’s not necessary.
  • Often, Teresa can fix the problems or get the information needed to do so. She may suggest simplifying your accounting by collapsing the number of categories of expenses and showing you easier, faster ways to record transactions (including credit card, checking and saving accounts).

QUESTION 8: How should I code my expenses in QuickBooks?

  • You’ll be given a short training session in accounting that will help you understand how and why to record transactions for your business.
  • This basic accounting session will educate you or your staff about income versus expenses and how to code them in the QB system.

QUESTION 9: What if I don’t want to do my own books? Can you "do it all" for me?

ANSWER 9: Mueller and Associates, CPA can do it all for you! For some of our clients, we do everything.

“Everything” can include:
  • paying bills
  • running payroll
  • financial statements
  • compliance work
  • sending out invoices and/or recording transactions
  • accounting needs
  • business entity advice and business consulting
  • power of attorney to handle your finances

QUESTION 10: Why should I use Mueller & Associates CPA for my QuickBooks set-up and consulting?

  1. We can save you time and mistakes by helping you set up your formatting and your financial statements and reports to ensure you receive current and meaningful data.
  2. We provide customized, one-on-one training for you and your staff on best practices to get the most out of your investment. Our QuickBooks support and training helps you leverage this software package to best advantage.
  3. Teresa Mueller is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for Pro, Premier, Enterprise, POS and QBO (QuickBooks Online) versions of QuickBooks. She’s aware of new programs and solutions that can help you before most other providers across the country are aware of any changes.
  4. Staff member Brooke Hupp is also qualified to advise clients on QBO (QuickBooks Online).
  5. You receive a complimentary hour of our time in an informal “meet and greet.”
“Every business is unique so we don’t take a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to accounting, taxes or any of our other services. We learn about you, your company, your needs and goals. We can often help you partner with others or find resources to help your business grow because we have a lot of great business connections.
You get a chance to learn about our business and what we can do for you to see if we’re a good fit for your company. We take the time to get to know you, your company and your industry so we can advise
you well and take care of your unique business needs.”
- Teresa Mueller, Mueller and Associates, CP

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