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Tax FAQs

Q1. Do you prepare Individual income tax returns?

A1. We do prepare Individual income tax returns when they are associated with an existing business client. Since our practice focuses primarily on business clients and owners, we do not provide Individual income tax preparation as a stand along offering.

Q2. What information do you need from me to prepare my tax return?

A2. Most of our business clients use accounting software to track their income and expenses, such as QuickBooks or Xero. We work inside their software via an Accountants Copy to make sure the books and records are reconciled to amounts reported on the annual income tax return. We provide an instructions to upload the Accountants Copy and a checklist of additional documentation to provide us.

For Individual tax returns, we need all of the tax forms that are provided by third parties such as W-2 forms from employers, 1099 forms furnished by banks and brokerage firms and 1098 forms provided by mortgage companies. Income and expense summaries for rent houses, farm activities and self-employment are very useful. Finally, lists or receipts for deductions such as contributions, investment fees and real estate taxes are very useful.

For all new clients, a copy of the preceding year’s tax return helps us identify carry forward items such as unused capital losses and tax credits applied from the prior year.

Q3. Do you e-file tax returns? How much extra does that cost?

A3. We efile both Federal and State tax returns whenever possible. There is no charge for efiling tax returns.

Q4. What is average turn around time for a tax return?

A4. Outside of March and April, the turnaround time will average seven to ten business days. Of course, delays may occur when we are waiting on missing data, or if questions arise during the preparation. We prefer to be thorough, rather than fast.

Q5. How much does the average tax return cost?

A5. Since no two tax returns are the same, we find it difficult to quote “average” fees. Once we have an opportunity to review the preceding year’s tax return and discuss current year issues, we are happy to provide an upfront, fixed- fee quote before doing any work. We believe there should be no surprises.

Q6. What happens if my tax return is selected for examination by the IRS?

A6. In the unlikely event of a tax examination, you have the choice to represent yourself or designate us to be your representative by executing a Power of Attorney. We are qualified to represent you throughout the examination process, including the IRS Appeals process. Fees for these services will be discussed in advance and typically require a retainer.

Of course we cannot anticipate every question and that is why we encourage you to contact us by phone or email with questions that are specific to your unique situation.  We look forward to working with you this year!

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