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Employee Benefit, Compensation and Retirement Plan Consulting

Mueller Pye & Associates CPA concentrates on providing a complete range of planning and compliance services, including consulting services focused on structuring of employee benefit plans and compensation.

We fully understand there are too many to count choices about how best to structure your business’s employee benefit, compensation and retirement plans.  The right choice can retain valued employees and key stakeholders.

We work with you to analyze the options available to you and engage in a process of discernment to determine the best course of action and implementation.

Specialized Services

  • ERISA Reporting and Disclosure
  • 401(k) and 403(b) Compliance and Administration
  • Health and Retirement Plan Design and Analysis
  • Fiduciary and Risk Management
  • Forms: 5500, 8955-SSA, 5330 and 990
  • ESOP Consultation and Feasibility Studies
  • HR Policy and Procedure Development
  • HIPAA and COBRA Review and Assistance
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Analysis
  • Affordable Care Act Analysis

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