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Tax Consulting Services

The preparation of a tax return is merely a recording of history.  Our passion lies in identifying the planning and consulting opportunities that can make a significant difference on your NEXT tax return.

Federal tax rules provide numerous options and elections on how to report your income and when you file your tax return.  Selecting a fiscal or calendar year, reporting income on the cash or accrual basis and choosing faster write-off periods are examples of a few of your options.

Specialized Services

  • Lease vs Buy Analysis
  • Entity Selection
  • Tax Elections
  • Depreciation Elections
  • Tax Credits and Incentives Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Analysis
  • Retirement Plan Options and Funding
  • Charitable Gifts
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Analysis
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Internal Control Evaluation and Fraud Prevention
  • Fiscal Year Selection and Accounting Method Elections
  • Estate and Gift Planning

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